Walk into a bar… (We’ll tell you the punchline in a bit)

…Nothing but good vibes here this last week as the Lawler Family from Australia, the Niles from the UK, and Bernie from New York enjoyed quiet lineups and all the amazing service and comforts Pinnacles on Telo has to offer.

The surf may not have been mega, but the lack of crowds and the quality of waves on offer ensured we all had a great time.

Let’s meet the crew! First up. The big Papa bear. Stephen Lawler. Accompanied on this surf trip by his two lovely children and daughter in law. Steve reckoned these were the best waves he’s surfed in the last few years. And as any father knows, any surf with your son is a surf to be treasured.

Sean Lawler: Steve’s son – a vivacious conversationalist – always joking around and keeping the vibes on the sunny side.

Rachel Lawler:
Sean’s better half – as happy as a human can be when on either a sunbed or a SUP.

Claire Lawler:
Celebrated her 25th birthday with us here at Pinnacles, a joy-filled evening of champagne and fireworks for one of the nicest humans you could meet.

Lee Nile. Cornwall charger with a proper hack and stylish bottom turn, (similar in style to his brother Chris who came to visit us in February this year.) Lee also enjoyed getting the odd push-in assist from Guide Wobby*

Melanie Nile. Lady of style and kindness. The only blemish on her holiday was the time someone stole her glass of iced red wine… (A cryptic clue is stealthily embedded into this report as to who the culprit might have been…)

Bernie Kaplan. First Pegasus guest to ever spend time at all three Pegasus Telo properties: Pinnacles on Telo, Telo Island Lodge and Monkeys South Telo. Made the most of his time at all three and particularly enjoys red wine with ice.

The highlight session might have been in our own Backyard – a post-storm glass-off at Pinnacles. Other fun sessions were had at The Bubble, sheet glass Max’s Left and good old E.R.

Claire’s 25th birthday was a great night of champagne, fireworks and hilarious games of a Pinnacles favourite “Cards Against Humanity”. A night of laughter that fuelled jokes for the rest of the trip.

So, anyway, Four Aussies, Two Poms and a New Yorker walk into a bar… and have a holiday they’ll never forget.

*Lee, Wobby insisted we mention this haha…