Pinnacles North Telo Surf Reports

Family Free

July 25, 2019

A pretty sweet family vibe at Pinnacles North Telo through July, and lots of waves too! Let’s meet our clans from earlier in the month, trip 19, 2nd – 12th July. Fiona, James, Sophie & Kayla Butcher. The Butcher family hail from a small crayfish town in West Australia, where 16-year-old Sophie and 18-year-old Kayla…

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July 5, 2019

On Sunday, 24th March earlier this year, departing guest Olivier gives Pinnacles staff a bro-hug goodbye, walks across the tarmac and climbs aboard the waiting charter flight. Soon the Cessna Grand Caravan is a vanishing speck in the bright blue Sumatran sky. Ollie’s heading home. Fast forward exactly 79 days and that very same plane…

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July 2, 2019

Pinnacles North Telo was home to a tight-knit bunch of fabulous and high-achieving humans recently. Let’s meet this crew, who’ve converged from all over! Gary Wnorowski, New Jersey. The organiser of the trip who got the whole crew hyped to come to Pinnacles. Gaz – a laboratory director – not only organised the trip, he…

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June 11, 2019

You’ve heard of Hawaii’s notorious ‘Black Shorts’ – an intimidating bunch of local enforcers on Oahu’s North and West shores. Well, they’ve got NUTHIN’ on the Red Shorts crew – an epic collection of high-achieving humans (mostly) outta Hong Kong, who called Pinnacles North Telo home for ten days recently. Let’s meet ‘em. Cyrus: PNT…

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The Ballad of Tory & Jared

June 6, 2019

This was one of the more special Pinnies trips we’ve ever hosted. Three families coming together to celebrate Jared “Jaz, Jez, Jazza” (take your pick) Neal’s incredible work constructing this very lodge. And, being a practical problem solver – as well as a romantic at heart – Jez made the most of the moment by…

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May 22, 2019

As you’ll see from the pics, head-high waves and light winds made for ten days of joy here at Pinnacles North Telo. Two swells in quick succession did the trick and an excellent surfing experience was had by all. The highlight would have been an epic go-out at The Bubble one morning, followed immediately by…

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May Daze

May 8, 2019

May just might be the best month of the surfer’s year – at least in the southern hemisphere: Autumn has finally arrived in Australia and all coasts start to fire, Jeffreys Bay gets its first serious swell, and Indo – well, those same Southern Ocean weather systems that swipe South Africa and Oz with swell…

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Full House

May 6, 2019

Pinnacles North Telo’s eight-surfers-only policy was put to the test – in the nicest possible way – with couples, a young family and a bunch of mates all making the most of a glorious eleven days here in paradise. Let’s meet this happy collection of humans. Our first couple: Carlos and Nicole Aboutiz hail from…

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The Magnificent Seven … and Aviv!

April 15, 2019

The season of stoke is in full swing here at Pinnacles North Telo with yet another eight-pack of totally surfed out mates winging their way home – Robin and Aviv to Capetown, David to Bali, and Alon, Micah, Dan, Danny, and Marc (the organiser) back to Bondi. These fellas are return Pegasus guests (who’ve experienced…

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Curtain Raiser

March 26, 2019

Pinnies Surf Guide Jacque ‘Wobby’ Botha straightened his bow tie, necked his champagne and stepped up to the microphone. Before him stood most of the population of the Northern Telos: from fishing families to the local dignitaries, even the kids were given the day off school to attend the ceremony. Wobby cleared his throat and…

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