Surf Report

March 24, 2018

Savaii, Samoa March 24, 2018


October 15, 2019

As the Indo Season supposedly winds down, clever humans come to Pinnacles to gorge on empty lineups and head-high sessions. And if there’s a birthday to be celebrated along the way, so much the better! Let’s meet this mellow bunch of champions. David Sykes, Perry Harrison and Gary Coots. A tight-knit trio of New-South-Welshmen. David…


September 19, 2019

Good bunch of travellers made themselves at home at Telo Lodge just now. Say hello to: Dr Amy “Billy’s Mum” Weich – Goofy footed surf mum from Hawaii, loved surfing Max’s Left and taking a swing at the sets. A hip flexor issue was never a problem out in the water, but strangely proved challenging…


September 3, 2019

One master shaper. Two great swells. Eight great guests. Magic trip. Let’s meet the legends. Nev Hyman, Gold Coast QLD. Eternal Grommet – the Legend foam-mower who shaped guests a custom board each for this trip. Super-genuine human with a million stories, and humble about his achievements. Only missed one session all trip. Shall we…


September 1, 2019

Two solid hits of South West swell ensured an abundance of waves for our three guests this last trip. Let’s meet ’em: Meghan Connelly and partner Kirk Foster. A super friendly and easy-going husband and wife team, out here celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Based in Florida and both working in anaesthesiology, these guys live…