Giving Back To Our Local Villages

Our Mission

The Telos and her people give us so much joy and stoke. It’s a privilege to be here, and it's only right we give back.

Here's how we're contributing to the local village community, and how you can be a part of positive change.



Sibaranun Village

Anyone who's surfed Max's Left knows this village, as we use it to line up the take off spot!

Let's get to know this village and its 170 inhabitants a little better.

Everyday life here is different to ours.

With no internet, air conditioning, and only a few houses with electricity, the things we take for granted at home are luxuries here.

This village has an amazing spirit of community. Family bonds are unbreakable, and the people have an amazing work ethic and desire to create.

Traditions are passed along from generation to generation. Occasions such as weddings, funerals and holidays center around the church – the focal point of the village's architecture.

To visit this village is to be uplifted by smiles. From the kids to the elders, people in Sibaranun are gracious, generous and friendly.

We're proud to be a part of their daily lives, and glad for the opportunity to help.

Sibaranun Village

How You can Help

We'd be stoked if you could contribute to our local village support program by donating via the link below. 

It's our commitment to pass on 100% of the donations in the form of work, services, educational material, clothing, etc.

No donation is too small and will change the lives of the people that mean so much to us.

Village Photos