Situated off the west coast of Sumatra, and almost directly on the equator, Telo Island Lodge is ensconced in an archipelago known as “Kepulan Batu”, “Pulau Pulau Batu” or, more simply, the Telo Islands.

We are in good company, with the Mentawai islands to the south, and Nias to the north, yet the islands in our group are unlike any in Sumatra and are often compared to the dramatic cliff islands of Thailand or the smaller islands in Seychelles.

Due to the remote location – and the fact it can only be accessed conveniently by private aircraft – The Telos remain largely unspoiled by the development in many parts of Indonesia.


Ever since we started our travels, remote area construction and operation has been part of our lives, including our first project – Hinako’s Hideaway in the Hinako Islands – which ran for 15 years.

Telo Island Lodge is the original Telo surf outpost and has been going strong for well over a decade now. We trailblazed the logistical challenges of the area, and have been refining our approach constantly.

Our Lodge continues to evolve, with the addition of a dedicated lounge and games bungalow in early 2018 to ensure the good times roll!


This is a culture strikingly different to western society.

Batu Islanders have a distinct, vibrant culture with a mix of Christian, Islamic and Animist beliefs. Life here – centred around the village – is played out in a sustenance economy based primarily on fishing and coconut farming.

Batu Islanders are some of the most friendly, happy and family-oriented folks that you’ll ever come across.

We strive to be a positive force in the local Indonesian communities. We purchase local building materials and food, We favor and employ local labor, and we have a history of involvement with local education projects.

Please join us in helping our local villages by donating.  100% of all donations go directly to them.