One Incredible Vessel

The Ratu Motu is an impressive yacht, and so unsurprisingly, you’ll be laying your head down in some pretty plush surrounds.

It has four staterooms (two platinum and two gold) and five cabins (four silver and one bronze)

All have ensuite, aircon and all the trappings you’d expect on board the mighty Ratu Motu. With generous showers and desks etc, the staterooms have the feel of high end accommodation, with only glorious window views out to an ever changing ocean to remind you you’re at sea.

You’ll also find yourself enjoying the salon lounge, dining area, sun and observation decks, as well as several nooks and crannies to relax.

Exploring the Ratu Motu is an adventure in itself.


  • 2 platinum staterooms, 2 gold staterooms, 4 silver cabins and 1 bronze cabin
  • En-suite bathrooms and A/C in all cabins
  • Full-service bar
  • 24/7 Satellite WiFi
  • Daily housekeeping; complimentary laundry service


You will not go wanting onboard Ratu Motu. We’re very proud of the food and beverage offering on-board Ratu Motu and have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure that our meals are both healthy and satisfying.

Our Food and Beverage team are on point from dawn ’til late at night delivering everything from traditional feasts to a quick snack.

As well as three glorious meals, we have built a tradition across the years of serving antipasto plates or a fresh seafood snack around sunset drinks, or when guests return from the day of activities. The type of sashimi varies depending on what fresh fish has been caught that day. Nothing tastes better than a snack and a cold beer after a day on the ocean.


Just when you thought your salty voyage couldn’t get better, you find yourself face down on the massage table, either enjoying a relaxing massage, or breathing through some deep tissue work (which is still enjoyable, right?)

Surfers’ shoulder issues, tweaked lower backs, travel-tight necks, general soreness from being uncommonly active  – our onboard massage therapist knows all too well how to make things a whole lot better!


Whether in West Sumatra (pretty darn good) or West Papua (mind = blown), snorkelling is an activity available to everyone.

Whether snorkellng around the anchorage, a lagoon dive, or a 'drift dive' through a reef pass, it's hard not to be bewitched and beguiled by the life aquatic.


So you're prancing around the Indian Ocean on this large and imposing yacht. Look at you go.

One problem though, you're not the captain, are you. Sure, the Ratu Motu crew are here to do your bidding more or less, but it's not like you're steering this ship.

What you need is a vessel all your own. One that you can bend to your will. Steer this way and that.

So, get on that kayak –  it's under your command. Go have an adventure and we'll see you back on the mothership. Good luck and godspeed, Captain.


As you'd imagine, Ratu Motu is armed to the teeth with all sorts of aquatic objects of enjoyment.

The most commonly called upon craft are the fleet of Stand Up Paddleboards, and for good reason.

First of all, they're easy and fun for novices to get the hang of. Secondly, they're practical ways of getting from the boat to the beach, and lastly, stand up paddleboarding provides a fabulous 'full body workout' – like those contraptions you see on late night infomercials – without the hassle of folding them back up and trying to shove them under your bed.