Pinnacles Surfboard Rentals

Price: $400 USD / Trip *


If you’d like to travel without lugging a board bag across the world, or would like to try some different craft out, check out our comprehensive quivers of …Lost Surfboards.


All boards have been hand-selected for Pegasus guests by none other than Matt Biolos, founder of …Lost Surfboards, (and yearly Telo Island Lodge guest). Not only is Matt regarded as one of the world’s pre-eminent surfboard designers, he knows the waves 'round here like few others.


* Price is based on a 10-day trip. Surfboard rentals must be booked on a full-trip basis. A $400 USD security deposit is also required. If not booked pre-trip, the price at the lodge is $500 per trip, per person. 

2023 Pinnacles Quiver

Decals, sprays, quantity, and sizes may vary

El Patron

As the name suggests, this is the big guy’s (Matt Biolos) personal surfboard – A contemporary performance short board scaled up to be ‘properly’ ridden, with generous dimensions and age-friendly volume. All the tricks of Matt’s considerable trade (low entry rocker, accelerated tail rocker, shallow single concave, slight vee through the fins, flat out the tail, hidden volume under the chest) are in place for a performance board for those of us with a bit of grey in our Telo ten-day growth.


Sizes Available -  6’3” // 6’4” // 6’6” // 6’8”

Crowd Killer

This is a board designed with catching waves in mind, while retaining performance properties. The slightly wider nose allows easy entry at the beginning of proceedings, and the double bump swallowtail facilitates lively response while riding. Neutral central rocker for glide kicks a little in the tail for whipping wraps like a pro.


Sizes Available - 6’2” // 6’10” // 7’2” // 8’0”

Puddle Jumper HP

A playful board that’s easy to paddle and ride. Its smooth lines disguise its significant volume – with built-in speed to spare. The tail, with its foiled rails and deep vee, holds in and give confidence at high speeds. The overall flat rocker, generous width, and deep central concave generate small wave squirt like nothing else.


Sizes Available -  5’5” // 6’2”

RNF Retro

While the scalloped swallowtail pays even more homage to the Fish’s San Fran / Skip Frye DNA, The RNF (Round Nose Fish) Retro incorporates several modern mods. One (literally) cutting edge feature is the side cut in the tail, which lessen the usual drift/skip or slip associated with common wide-tail fish shapes. This is Vintage Glide meets Mayhem performance – a beautiful hot rod with brand new transmission under the hood!


Sizes Available -  5’8” // 6’1”


The RNF (Round Nose Fish) is a design that’s been evolving in Matt’s hands for the last 25 years. The Redux model enlivens the classic Fish by means of contemporary flyer/swallowtail properties. Think long hot sessions at the E.R, coming from deep at Max’s Left on those in-between days, or setting personal speed records at The Bubble.


Sizes Available -  5’5” // 5’10” // 6’3”


All our…Lost Surfboards onsite are C4 construction. C4 boards are light, responsive and have great spring out of the turns. The vibration absorption qualities of the cork cancel out that chattery feeling often experienced in lighter weight epoxy boards.


C4 boards consist of a stringerless EPS/Epoxy construction, thin layer of cork laminated into deck layup, carbon centerline reinforcement strips top and bottom, and carbon tail patches.