Fajã means a beautiful flat surface near the sea, created from collapsing cliffs or lava flows. Nature in perfection.

Fajã do Belo is an invitation to a soul-restoring experience in an untouched and unique natural setting. With gentle people, awe-inspiring landscapes, secret lakes, and waterfalls, you'll leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to nature than before you arrived.

The energy of the ocean

Uncrowded waves are a Surfer's dream

As close to your own "private" beach as it can get, nothing in nature should be exclusive. It is a wildlife lover's paradise and a surfer's dream. With one of the most remote breaks in the Atlantic, this adventure is a soul-restoring experience!

FSJ Clams

Endulge All your senses

Locally sourced food

Our chefs have curated local selections of meat, fish, cheese, and other mouthwatering flavors to create a truly authentic Azorean food experience for you without having to leave your villa. Pre-packaged meals are delivered directly to your villa and can be paired with wine or spirit packages. Need something special? Let your travel planner know and we'll work to accommodate. 

adventure awaits

Exploration, at your own pace

Disconnect from the stress of daily life and become one with the Fajã. Relax by the pool/sauna or choose from a variety of trails and activities to create your own adventure. If you'd prefer a more curated experience, a travel planner can help coordinate guided surfing, canyoning, hiking, fishing, or cultural experiences. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by nature. 

FSJ Trails
FSJ Waterfalls

Waterfall Heaven

Go with the flow

Between the sea of blue and the wall of green, you'll wonder how places like this still exist in such pristine conditions. Just outside your door are crystal-clear waterfalls in all directions.  Dip in the cascading pools as you make your way up, these perfect lookout points are an elixir for any weary traveler. Recharge your body, mind, and soul.