Faja Sao Jorge by Pegasus Lodges

welcome to faja do Belo

Come discover nature

There's nothing better than being so close to nature. Close to the silence. Experiencing the sound of tranquility and adventure. Trails, tracks, hiking, surfing, swimming, singing, dancing, sleeping, eating, reading... or simply standing still enjoying pure existence.

A UNESCO World Heritage Destination

A destination with no equal

The entirety of the Sao Jorge biosphere has been designated a world heritage site and it's easy to see why. Faja Sao Jorge is nature in perfection. With its gentle, awe-inspiring landscape, secret lakes and waterfalls, locally caught cuisine, and one of the most remote surf-breaks in the Atlantic, a trip to Faja do Belo on Sao Jorge will be unlike anywhere you've ever been.

Soa Jorge Island
FSJ Path

Atlantic Stone Houses

Feel at home in Nature

If the natural beauty and breathtaking views weren't enough, the volcanic stone houses at Faja do Belo will take you back in time while still allowing you to stay in luxury at one of the most remote destinations on the archipelago. Each stone house comes fully equipped to experience the Azores like never before.