The Pegasus story began with the creation of Telo Island Lodge just over a decade ago.

From the word go, Telo Island Lodge – with a right-hander out front and a left-hander around the back – was unique: exclusive but inclusive; top-shelf quality from the food to the fleet, but lighthearted and fun at the same time; a commitment to waves that exhausts the most surf-hungry maniac after a few days, but free from any of that “gnarlier than thou” nonsense attitude.

And to this day, this both defines us and explains why Pegasus exists.

The crew here at Pegasus are hopelessly in thrall to the surf, the ocean, the nature and adventure that surrounds it.

Not only do our lodges allow us to keep indulging our passions, we’ve found that there’s nothing more satisfying than sharing the experience, and making friends along the way.

It might be presumptuous to speak on behalf of all the Pegasus crew, scattered at various spots on various (mostly) coral islands, but we know what a privilege it is to be in this game.

Basically, the few weeks of the year you’re with us, we get to see you at your most open and carefree. That stoke is infectious, and not only does it make our days happier, it also inspires us to give the best of ourselves too.

Anyway, enough hippy feel-good carry-on! We’d love to see you at any of our places.

Let’s go get some waves.


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ryder thomas


A fifth-generation kama'aina, Ryder grew up surfing the elusive west-side reefs of the Big Island of Hawaii (where the abundance of tiger sharks may have contributed to his development as a champion swimmer).

Ryder went on to a career as a securities lawyer and investment banker before founding Pegasus in 2012.

When not traveling on the job, Ryder splits his time between Sausalito, California and New York City with his wife Maria Luisa and their four children, Austen, Wesley, Eugenia and Ozzy.




Aaron has spent the last 20 years building companies in the tech space. With 4 exits under his belt from startups he founded, he brings his expertise in building teams, customer acquisition, scaling operations, and passion for building products people love using to Pegasus Lodges.

Recently relocated from Seattle to Puerto Rico to expand operations from a sunnier environment, Aaron lives with his fiancee Elle and their dog Lucy.




Gra brings three decades of Surf Media experience to Pegasus – mostly spent as Creative Director for a number of leading surf and active lifestyle titles.

More recently he founded Australia’s renowned ocean / surf / art / adventure publication, White Horses.

With grown children having flown the coop, Gra lives in Angourie in NSW, Australia, with wife Jen, and Molly – the world’s most excited dog.




Kellie’s two decades of experience in the surf travel industry kicked off with six years living in the Hinako Islands off Nias.

Now based in Torquay, Australia, Kellie finds great joy in bringing Pegasus customers’ surf travel dreams to fruition, and still has a passion for travel.

Travel opportunities are harder to find these days, with her role as domestic slave to two beloved teenage children, and a home renovation project due for completion sometime before 2035.

Yoga, trail running and the odd seafood / pinot grigio lunch with friends remind her life is beautiful.




A passionate surfer, Alex’s background qualifies him perfectly for his role: He’s worked in both the snow and surf industry, as a swimming instructor and as a touring musician, and has a degree in Marine Biology. He's also a proficient photographer.

Many years as Aganoa Lodge Samoa’s principal guide has seen Alex ease many guests into countless Samoan barrels.

Just when you thought Alex couldn’t get any more handy, his secret skill – that of expert gardener – has seen the Aganoa Lodge hydroponic garden pump out all sorts of amazing, fresh produce.




Californian native Baily McDonald grew up next to the water, and given the choice she’s either in, on or underwater any chance she can get!

Baily’s love for travel and the outdoors has brought her to the Telos as Pinnacles ‘Guest Experience’ host.

Working in customer service for years has tuned Baily into the needs of clients and guests.

She is in charge for all the fun ‘non-surfing’ activities around the island.


Dylan "Dingo" Russell


“Dingo” grew up in the small coastal town in South Africa, and by the age of 12 was into bodyboarding and junior lifeguarding.

It set the pattern for a life devoted to the ocean – surfing as much as possible, lifeguarding, fishing and diving.

Dingo came out to the Telos in 2016 on a surf trip, met the crew at the lodge, fell in love with the waves and the dream and made it his mission to secure an internship at Telo Lodge.

The rest is history – Dingo is a popular, highly respected and knowledgeable guide at Telo Island Lodge.




Jacque, AKA Wobby, was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and surfing has been the centre of his universe since childhood. Wobby’s natural friendliness and people skills, as well as his surf skills make him a natural for the job. Wobby first saw came here as a Telo Island Lodge guest a few years back and fell in love with the waves and the indonesian way of life. He returned to Cape Town to sort out his affairs, and flew back to the Telos, where he’s been at Pinnacles since the the beginning of operations, and has helped grow it into the masterpiece it is today.


izaak "zak" van druten


Zak grew up on Queensland’s Gold Coast – land of the right-hand point-break – which really didn’t do too much for this goofy-footer’s addiction to forehand gouges. And so naturally when the opportunity came along in 2016 to act as Guide at TIL, Zak was all over it.

Zak’s one of the better-travelled humans you’ll ever meet, his love of surfing has taken him all over the world, and when he’s rotated off the island, he’ll be surfing somewhere else, or relaxing in the hills of Spain with his girlfriend.




Here's the fella responsible for one of the best things about Telo Island Lodge: The food!

Restu's been at the Lodge since 2008 which makes him one of the longest standing team members at TIL, and it's thanks to his hard work and epic skills in the kitchen that our famished, surfed-out guests recharge and re-energise day in day out.

Mention "Rendang Night" to any past TIL guest and they get a glazed, faraway look in their eye, some start salivating uncontrollably.

Married with three children, Restu loves fishing with and for the guests. Legend!




Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Maria Luisa comes to Pegasus after many years in the New York art and design world, indulging her passion for creating elegant, eclectic and inviting spaces.

Her love of travel and interest in different cultures has led Maria Luisa to explore the world, looking for treasures, and finding inspiration everywhere.

Her design philosophy for Pegasus is simple – modern, sophisticated and authentic spaces that stand the test of time.

Maria Luisa lives in New York City and Sausalito with her husband Ryder and their four children.


andrew shield


This mild mannered fella is responsible for pretty much all the stunning imagery on this website, as well as providing countless guests with the best surf pics of their lives.

Regarded as one of the world's best surf and ocean photographers, Shieldsy's based on Queensland's Gold Coast on the rare occasions he's not on assignment.

He shoots stills and footage from the water, from the land and from the sky.

Request Shieldsy to come along and immortalise your Pegasus holiday! You'll be glad you did!

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