The food at Telo Island Lodge is spectacular. Meals are all-inclusive – with the exception of select alcoholic beverages – and provide fresh, healthy and hearty nourishment to maintain peak energy levels through your stay.

Our Chef, Restu, has his suite of unique, signature dishes at the ready. He and his staff are also able to provide a menu based on dietary requirements (requested prior to arrival.)

Our guest concierge will contact the guest representative prior to the trip to personalize all food and beverage needs so no detail is overlooked.

Meals vary between buffet and table service, shared in the company of other guests. Feel free to dine in the dining room or one of the al fresco areas of the resort.

And let’s not get started on dessert!

Main House Bar

Located front and centre, the Main House Bar provides an unparalleled view of "Max's Right" out front, while you enjoy a cold beer and swap stories with friends and guests, or view a slideshow of the day’s surfing shots.

The bar is always fully stocked with western and local beverages, and hosts a collection of international wines.

We can accommodate all specific beverage requests with appropriate notification.

Local time 12:55
Local temprature 29°C / 84°F
swell direction SW
swell height 5-6 ft.