Situated off the west coast of Sumatra, and almost directly on the equator, Telo Island Lodge is ensconced in an archipelago known as “Kepulan Batu”, “Pulau Pulau Batu” or, more simply, the Telo islands.

We are in good company, with the Mentawai islands to the south, and Nias to the north, yet the islands in our group are unlike any in Sumatra, and are often compared to the dramatic cliff islands of Thailand, or the smaller islands in the Seychelles.

Due to the this remote location – and the fact it can only be accessed conveniently by private aircraft – The Telos remain largely unspoilt by the rampant development in most parts of Indonesia.

Local time 10:41
Local temprature 29°C / 84°F
swell direction SW
swell height 5-6 ft.