Home Base

Every aspect of Telo Island Lodge is supremely comfortable and functional. All rooms have King Size beds, air-conditioning and ensuite facilities, with 24/7 WiFi.

Rooms are serviced daily, with complimentary laundry service.

Our bar and lounge is the scene of coffees and catch-ups in the morning, of recharging relaxation and digestion after lunch, and of beers, hilarity and hoots in the evening. Our repeat guests would agree, this is the epicentre of good vibes in the Telos!

We also have a new games room with couch, TV, and table tennis & darts, for surfers with energy to burn!


  • 2x daily housekeeping; Complimentary laundry service
  • 4 rooms all with King Sized beds.
  • En-suite bathrooms and A/C in all rooms
  • Full-service bar
  • 24/7 Satellite WiFi, TV in main lodge


The food at Telo Island Lodge is spectacular. Meals are all-inclusive – with the exception of alcoholic beverages (available for purchase) – and provide fresh, healthy and hearty nourishment to keep you paddling back out for more. 

Our Chef, Restu, has his suite of unique, signature dishes at the ready. He and his staff are also able to provide a menu based on dietary requirements and preferences (which we'll make sure to check in with you about prior to arrival.)

Meals vary between buffet and table service, shared in the company of other guests. Feel free to dine in the dining room or one of the al fresco areas of the resort

And let’s not get started on dessert!


Our TIL masseuse could write a book on how to coax surfers' arms, shoulders and spnes back into working order.

Many guests initially dismiss the idea of getting a massage, but by day three or four – when they see a fellow surfer euphoric and loose – they're madly scribbling their name down on the list!


Fishing is a bit of a bonus extra here at Telo Island Lodge.

Though you're here primarily for the waves, it's fun occasionally to head out for a fishin' mission on a slow afternoon.

Our guides and staff are enthusiastic anglers who'll take care of the messy side of things for you.

And if you haven't feasted on a Mahi Mahi you've caught only hours earlier, while being complimented by your fellow appreciative surfers at dinnertime, then you haven't experienced true happiness.

Speaking of happiness, some guests have been known to enjoy a quiet beverage on these jovial expeditions. 


Snorkelling's another one of those things you didn't really come to TIL for, but turns out to be another little gem that adds to the experience.

PIcture this. You're anchored at the ER on a glassy small day. You've had a dozen waves under your belt and are waiting for the rest of the crew to finish.

You grab one of the snorkel sets (always available), roll overboard, and go lose yourself in a tropical aquarium for half an hour.

You'll be stoked on the visibility,  the  robust reef ecoystem, and a roster of curious fish darting around everywhere. Sublime stuff.


It's funny. Some guests come to Telo Island Lodge quietly scoffing at the Stand Up Paddleboards on standby.

By the end of the trip, however, these very same individuals are proudly paddling the lagoon in full view of their comrades, and proclaiming the full body workout benefits of the SUP.

Put simply, SUP's fun for everyone, so.... Race around the island anyone?


A time honoured tradition among Telo Lodge regulars is the Telo Bike Tour.

Know what it's like when a bad-ass motorcycle gang rolls into town? That feeling of intimidation? The rumble? The leather? The ambivalent handlebar moustaches?

Well, this is nothing like that. PIcture a few dorky middle aged westerners (that's you) on small hire motorbikes and scooters, in loose formation, laughing, smiling, and waving g'day to the locals – who are laughing and smiling right back.

This is a fun way to interact with the nearby village, to get a taste of the local culture, and to get any mid-life desire to own a Harley Davidson out of your system.