As the name suggests, Monkeys South Telo is tucked away towards the lower end of the archipelago known as “Kepulan Batu”, “Pulau Pulau Batu” or, more simply, the Telo islands.

With the Mentawai islands to the south and Nias to the north, you know you're in the world's best wave zone.

Though the whole Telo chain is getting more popular (for good reason) it still remains largely unspoiled by the development in many parts of Indonesia.


In 2010 a fella named Mark Byrne came to the Telos and fell in love. (Not with a local lass – his wife Lou and their six kids are far too epic for any of that carry-on.)

Mark – who started carpentry at 16, started his first business at 19, and managed his first restaurant at 21 – decided to turn his love affair with the South Telos (and the Monkeys surf break) into something special.

He bought the land in November 2017, started clearing it by hand the next month, and started building February '17. With help from his tradey mates he'd rotate a fortnight in Telo, with five weeks at home for a year, until March 2018 when the doors swung open to the first stoked guests.

The rest, as they say, is history!






Telo Islanders can show the world how to live: Christian, Islamic and Animist beliefs co-exist harmoniously.

Life is played out in a sustenance economy based primarily on fishing and coconut farming.

Batu Islanders are some of the most friendly, happy and family-oriented folks that you’ll ever come across.

We do our best to be a positive force in the local Southern Telo communities.

We purchase local building materials and food, and employ local labour, and have a history of involvement with local education projects.

We also aim to minimize our impact on this rich culture, and finely-balanced way of life.